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Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas to whom it may concern...

...and so the journey has started in making my first feature film.

I must admit this project is difficult, frustrating, demanding and a bit scary... but I'm excited because it is the culmination of a fourteen year film adventure. I am ready to show the world what I can do with my talent, a camera and a good idea.

I just started full Preprduction.
People that I counted on have dissapeared in the moment I need them the most. Some have unfortunately passed away and some were never my friends. The blessing is that when things get dark your real friends come out and new souls approach to lend a hand. You are also reminded of those who truly love you for who you are and not for what you can offer. My fans are a big blessing since they give me the strenght to keep creating my art. These people don't even know me, yet they give me their support and time.

When I reach my highest I will not forget you,
You who stood by my side no matter what.
Merry Christmas / Feliz Navidad.
You are the present God left under my tree :)

Michael Ramova

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I couldn't decide!

I was revamping my Etsy store las night:
I couldn't decide on which banner to use from the new 4 I created. I was sick of the old banner so it needed a new one. I was having a hard time picking one.

Which one you like the most? 
Check out my store so you can see which one I picked.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

8mm Nam

This is my latest short film. 
It was shot with $600 dollars in four days. This was the hardest movie I have ever made to date. The reason I made this film was to put myself in the worst conditions and locations possible to see if I was able to create a well made movie all by myself. For over 14 years I been making short films and always have done everything myself: from writing and directing to camera, lighting and even buttoning my actors for the scene! This film is a test movie were I needed to put my skills to the test  and practice with all my new toys: camera, props, make up skills, lighting... just to get ready for my upcoming feature length movie.

I was very please with the end results and learned so much in this little short. I learned in this film as much as in my 14 years as a filmmaker to be honest. It was like taking a crash course on tech stuff on a film set. All my career has been about polishing my skills as a Creator, Director, Producer, Executive Producer, Writer, Editor and Cinematographer. In this movie I learned / polished all technical aspects like bouncing light, white balance, sound mixing, digital effects and much more. There are technicalities in the movie that bug me but I do not frustrate much because this movie was made for learning and becoming a PROFESSIONAL ONE MAN ARMY which was the goal so my feature length looks and feels like a film shot in Hollywood.

My cast was amazing and many of them will be part of my upcoming projects and my feature length. I thank them for their collaboration and I'm sure they are happy with the results.

The original version of this movie was about 25mins long but I did four cuts and left it at 9mins. The long version was all about the set up were the main characters discussed life, religion and politics. The reason I took all that out is because I realized that this was a ZOMBIE movie and not a WAR movie. People clicked play to see zombies and not the dramas of our civilization. In a good horror short people want to see the horror soon or they will tune out.

I will be entering this short to many contests and festivals. Also there will be a Grindhouse trailer were fans can see completely new scenes and shots not used in the short all done with a different style and visual apporach. There will be a DVD made soon packed with goodies like bloopers, behind the scenes and much more. 



written, edited, shot, produced and directed by


music by  

Thursday, October 13, 2011

To you guys!

My favorite Universal Monster is the Creature fro the Black Lagoon. The second most beautiful woman I have ever seen is Julia Adams. So I had to draw them this Halloween.

I drew this in an hour, no sketch just penciling away trying to make the least mistakes possible as I was watching some movies doing research for my upcoming feature film. I'm pretty heavy with the pencil when I draw like this so I truly try not to make any mistakes because it is harder to erase.

I want to dedicate this piece to all the people that support my art. Happy Halloween you guys

Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm a PEPSI addict

I been drinking Pepsi since I was a child. 
I drink Pepsi like a mad man. I don't drink alcohol, nor smoke or have any vices. I love that feeling of a fresh cold opened Pepsi can bubbling down my throat.
Fountain Pepsi... to kill for.
I just found this commercial on youtube:
Could it be I was influenced by my awesome idol? 
That I was a "Pepsi Challenge" whole new generation kid? 
Or simply Pepsi tastes so freaking good? 

...let me moonwalk my way to the fridge to get a Pepsi.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Where does MORBIDOG STUDIOS come from?

So this is my new company and my new logo. 
I love it. 
Many are probably asking, 
why a dog? Who is that dog? Why the change?

About the logo. 
The dog is from this commercial. The scene is at 2:27

The scenery, his posture... his face. 
He touched my soul. 
He stands in that man created hell with a proud honorable posture. Though he is at our mercy he is brave and proud to be closer to God than his torturers. When I saw this shot I actually burst into tears and I was ashamed for being human. I have never been affected by a scene like this so much before. I wanted to apologize to this poor dog in the name of humanity and assure him that God is not happy... we will all pay for this crime and injustice done to him. I'm honoring him forever as the symbol that represents my art and my world. I feel like him. Though his gentle soul didn't let him bite back, my angry soul will make me bark.

To you little hero, you inspired me more than many of my kind.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I need your opinion for my FEATURE FILM

Hi guys!
Before I bug you for your help, let me explain a little...

I have been making movies at a professional level for more than 14yrs now and since year one I always wanted to make a feature film. The story to why I haven't made a feature length film yet is long and quite entertaining. I could write a book about it and many would laugh, cheer and feel pity for this dreamer. This Fall, I finally start production on my first feature lenght film which I'm sure it will be my ticket to bigger things in life. I'm excited and most of important ready for such a huge challenge... this movie will be done Ramova style, which means I do everything myselfnad with all heart.

I need your help though.
I have eight scripts of my own creation made specially for the budget I have. Some are easier to create and some, well, it is easier to steal Satan's pitch fork than to make some of these films come to life. With God's help and the team I select, anything can be accomplished. Ok enough rambling, five of my scripts are modern (set in these days) and three of them are set in the 1920s and Civil War times. All eight films are Horror movies, if I want to make money and reach the widest market possible a Horror movie is the ONLY option.

Which script would you choose, a modern piece or a vintage film?
I'm having trouble deciding because there are many factors to consider:
1. The market
2. The times we are living now
3. What is more profitable
4. What film makes a better debut
There are many more things to think about but those four points are the most important in the creation of the first feature film. Please respond to this NOTE by leaving the words "MODERN" or "VINTAGE". If you would like to add more like your opinion please do so. Please share the note with people because the more opinions I gather the better choice I will make.

I thank you so much for being part of my life and to those who have been in the field fighting with me I promise you that I will share the blessings I gather with you.

Michael Ramova

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Found a little treasure

I found this a week ago inside an old notebook. 
I made this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book (pencils only) back when I was a teen and SO into the turtles. This particular turtle (the one above) is a creation of my own actually. His name is Picasso, (like the other four were named after famous painters). His weapons were these sticks and he knew Kenpo. Back in those days I saw a movie called "The Perfect Weapon" and in this movie there was this guy (Jeff Speakman) that knew Kenpo and was so freaking awesome! He also had only these two sticks to fight with, he was phenomenal. I never decided what color was going to be Picasso's bandanna and since my comic was in pencils only, I left it up in the air.

If you ever get the chance to see the "The Perfect Weapon", SEE IT!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who will win this battle?

gee... do I even need to say anything
Spielberg, CGI cartoons
good writing, great REAL special effects, enjoyable characters

Friday, June 3, 2011

Supergirl Piece

This is the original pencil work I did on one of my best pieces.

Originally, I wanted her to be looking out of the window of her apartment into the city, sort of like showing off to the viewer the beautiful view of her apartment. At the end I was lazy and didn't include it in the final colored piece. I didn't like the perspective in the it anyway (is all wrong). So I finished the cape and just made a blue bright sky. Turned out nice but I do wonder how it would have looked with the city in front of her.

Monday, May 30, 2011

George Lucas is going to take another dump.

I saw in an interview the other day that Lucas is working really hard to make a LIVE Star Wars TV show. He claims he is just trying to make it happen by making it as cheap as possible. This can ONLY mean that he is trying to do live actors with as much CGI he can defecate from his studios. Are you kidding me?! I rather see an entire episode were Luke cannot fix his ship in Degobah because he runs into MANY situations that prevent him from fixing the darn thing than a grand scale episode were Luke fights cartoons that move like they came out a cheap video game for the Xbox 360. If we are going to see episodes with CGI then just stick with the lame Clone Wars or pop out a bunch of interactive video games. How much can it possibly cost to have a set, a ship and some amazing actors/cast/costumes/creatures. For him is PEANUTS with the millions he makes from us. For a poor little filmmaker like me this would be impossible but for a guy that makes millions from the franchise WE kept alive and running strong is an easy thing to accomplish. Heck the show PAYS ITSELF! If done well the merchandise pays for the show, why not do something without thinking about money and just do it for the love and respect of the ONE thing that will make Mr. Lucas immortal.

Lucas just don't do the live TV show, please stop ruining Star Wars for all of us that do appreciate the amount of love and work put into this legacy. Go play with Willow or Howard the Duck.

Monday, May 23, 2011

My upcoming Star Wars project.

This is a little preview of my Star Wars project.

A whole series will start this Spring!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The movie biz

When I heard Tron was coming to theaters a year ago I laughed... I scratched my head.... then I was embarrassed.... then angry. Hollywood is so gutless, so lost in hunger for money and no love for the art of film that they rather gamble on a project that was already made and died in the box office than give a newcomer (director-writer-creator) a chance to make something new. In this biz you have to make the difference alone, you have to put yourself in the market alone. It took me 13yrs to realize that nobody in Hollywood will give you a brake to make a film. Is all who you know and who you are related with. 
EXAMPLE (lets pretend)
Spielberg has a movie he has to make to finish a contract with Universal Studios. Will he give the project to me (14yrs of experience with a killer script and new style in creating movies) or his nephew (which has never made a movie, has an alcohol problem and is 18)? Of course he would never give me the brake. One I'm not family, two I'm not Jewish and three he is NOT losing money by making a flop. He is just moving money. With the sales of DVDs and International audiences he gets every cent he puts in and might even make a few extra bucks. Yeah even with the crappiest movie you can think of he still comes out winning. He would give the world something he found in his toilet... and be financially safe by slapping his name on the poster/credits as Producer. Hilarious.

Well today I got from Netflix in the mail Disney's Tron: Legacy.
Supporting Disney with what comes out of their rectum is my plan for the night. It is fun to see how they defecate on themselves.

April O'Neil

April O'Neil... def the hottest girl in cartoons. 
To this day I still try really hard to get those points in the arcade if you fellow nerds out there know what I mean ;) I love how this drawing turned out. I'll def draw more April  and the turtles. Coloring by my friend Reggie Carter. Lines me.

Really makes you think....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm going to try to be there at premiere night. If you are a geek, love Star Wars or just want to have a good time you should come over and see The People VS George Lucassaw it and it was SO awesome, very informative about George and what he has done with our beloved Star Wars. Did he rape our childhood? Do the fans own Star Wars or those he? Is Jar-Jar really that evil? I am very proud and glad to be part of this project. So please go and gives us support by attending the weekend screenings around the nation. Check the link for info on the Chicago event.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

HA-HA this is hilarious!

If you loved playing with the Turtles this will bring back so many memories. Sigh... good times.

Yes friends I just found out one of the new figures for the Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics collection is going to be Cringer. I have waited for this figure since I saw the cartoon for the first time back in the 80s. Ugh... can't wait to get my hands on him!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

This is something I made in my free time. Michelangelo is my fav turtle. Had a blast creating it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

THE PEOPLE VS GEORGE LUCAS in Chicago May 28th to June 1st!

I'll be there to meet friends and to watch it again on opening night. If you love Star Wars or just are a big geek come over to see it. I participated in the making of this documentary with "Don't Go in the Endor Woods". So finally something of mine in theaters for the first time of many more to come. For more info please visit

Axel Crow

I have never tried the "slasher" genre before. Done zombies, vampires and werewolves, but never a serial killer. It turned out pretty neat and I'm really proud of it. The short was made for a contest run by Rue Morgue Magazine and it won. There is talks about turning this into feature film or at least webisodesMy budget in this short was under $65 dollars! Enjoy.