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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I need your opinion for my FEATURE FILM

Hi guys!
Before I bug you for your help, let me explain a little...

I have been making movies at a professional level for more than 14yrs now and since year one I always wanted to make a feature film. The story to why I haven't made a feature length film yet is long and quite entertaining. I could write a book about it and many would laugh, cheer and feel pity for this dreamer. This Fall, I finally start production on my first feature lenght film which I'm sure it will be my ticket to bigger things in life. I'm excited and most of important ready for such a huge challenge... this movie will be done Ramova style, which means I do everything myselfnad with all heart.

I need your help though.
I have eight scripts of my own creation made specially for the budget I have. Some are easier to create and some, well, it is easier to steal Satan's pitch fork than to make some of these films come to life. With God's help and the team I select, anything can be accomplished. Ok enough rambling, five of my scripts are modern (set in these days) and three of them are set in the 1920s and Civil War times. All eight films are Horror movies, if I want to make money and reach the widest market possible a Horror movie is the ONLY option.

Which script would you choose, a modern piece or a vintage film?
I'm having trouble deciding because there are many factors to consider:
1. The market
2. The times we are living now
3. What is more profitable
4. What film makes a better debut
There are many more things to think about but those four points are the most important in the creation of the first feature film. Please respond to this NOTE by leaving the words "MODERN" or "VINTAGE". If you would like to add more like your opinion please do so. Please share the note with people because the more opinions I gather the better choice I will make.

I thank you so much for being part of my life and to those who have been in the field fighting with me I promise you that I will share the blessings I gather with you.

Michael Ramova